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Guidelines on the entry of Temporary Visitor's Visa (For Pleasure or Business) to the Philippines 

Nepalese passport holders travelling to the philippinnes for a temporary stay not to exceeding twenty-one (21) days may enter the philippines visa-free provided they possess a return ticket.

for a stay longer than twenty-ONE (21) days, temporary visitor's visa is required. the philippine consul general in kathmandu issues temporary visitor's visa for business or pleasure.

in oder to qualify as a temporary visitor, the visa applicant must establish to the satisfaction of the consular officer that the purpose of the visit to the philippines is only for a temporary period of stay and only for the purpose mentioned in the application.

a visa shall NOT BE given to an applicant for a temporary stay if there is any reason to belive that the visa applicant once IN THE PHILIPPINES will CHANGE STATUS.

visa applicants who are found to commit fraud of misrepresentation shall be automatically refused their visas, and no longer be allowed to re-apply for a philippine visa.


Requirements FOR TEMPORARY Visitor's Visa (Pleasure or Business)

The following requirements must be submitted when applying for this type of visa:

  • Duly accomplished visa application Form (F.A. Form 2). Application forms that are incompletely filled-out will be returned to the applicant.
  • Valid passport whose validity must extend at least six (6) months beyond the length of proposed stay in the Philippines.
  • Two 2" x 2"size photographs taken within the last six (6) months. The applicant's signature must be affixed on the front side of the picture.
  • Original confirmed return airline tickets together with photocopy.
  • Proof of financial capacity (e.g. travelers cheques, latest print-out of credit card account(s), latest printout of bank statement, ownership of real estate properties, and other documents showing the applicant's capacity to financially support himself/herself during his/her stay in the Philippines).
  • The applicant's personal appearance is required. The applicant may be requested to submit additional documents. Submission of documents dose not guarantee the issuance of a temporary visitor's visa. The issuance of a temporary stay visa is subject to the evaluation of applicant's visa application by the consular section subject to existing rules and regulations.

Payment of visa Fee:

The applicable fees for a temporary visitor's visa are as follows:

  • Single entry valid for the three (3) months : NRs. 3,410.00
  • Multiple entry valid for twelve (12) months NRs. 10,225.00

Processing time for visa applications takes at least three (3) days from submission of complete requirements and receipt of payment for service fees. Payment of visa fee is not guaranteed that visa will be issued /granted.

  • The authorized maximum period of stay granted to all temporary visitor's visa¬† applicants is fifty-nine (59) days.
  • Multiple Entry Visas can only be issued after approval received from Department of Foreigen Affairs, Manila.