Visa & Migration

Transit Visa

A transit visa is issued to a person passing in transit to a destination outside the Philippines.

In order to qualify for a transit visa, the visa applicant must be traveling from one overseas destination to another via the Philippines.

Issuance of a visa dose not guarantees admission to the Philippines.

The following requirements must be submitted when applying for this type of visa :

  1. Duly accomplished visa application (F.A. Form 2) in duplicate copies. Application forms that are incompletely filled-out will be returned to the applicant.
  2. Passport (the original passport itself must be submitted) must be valid for entry into the Philippines and the country of destination for a period of at least sixty (60) days, or must be in possession of some additional document, which is also valid.
  3. Two 2" x 2" sizes photograph taken within the last six (6) months. The applicant's signature must be affixed on the front side of the picture.
  4. Original confirmed onward airline ticket to country of destination together with photocopy.
  5. The applicant's personal appearance is required. The applicant may be requested to submit additional documents. Submission of documents dose not guarantee the issuance of a seaman visa. The issuance of seaman visa is subject to the evaluation of applicant's visa application by the Consulate subject to existing rules and regulations.

payment of visa fee : The visa fee for a transit visa is NRs . 2,275.00

Processing time for visa applications takes at least three (3) days from submission of complete requirements and receipt of payment for service fees. Payment of visa fee is not guaranteed that visa will be issued /granted.

Note: please note visa fee xls file, it should be attached with it.